The AOS Difference

Advanced Odor Solutions odor removal products

At Advanced Odor Solutions, all of our odor removal products are manufactured in state of the art facilities to ensure their quality and consistency.  They are then personally tested in the service field by our trained employees using our proven odor removal systems to confirm their effectiveness and safety. Many companies in the marketplace that claim they remove odors use products that are made with synthetic oils, strong perfumes and irritating chemicals that simply “mask” odors and leave what we call an “aftertaste for your nose”. Advanced Odor Solutions products are manufactured using a proprietary formulation of only the highest quality cosmetic grade essential oils and true deodorants that completely eliminate odors and leave you with a clean, fresh background aroma.  At Advanced Odor Solutions, professional odor removal is our core business and not something we just “do on the side”. We are the best in the industry, and we guarantee it. Please give us the opportunity to show you why many of our customers tell us that we “have a real nose for business.”

Know your Products

Advanced Odor Solutions is committed to manufacturing the safest, environmentally friendly product as close to “green” as we can get but also knowing that the key ingredients necessary for top product performance is as important as keeping our products completely safe for you, your family, pets and your environment. All of our odor removal products are non-toxic, non-sensitizing, biodegradable, non-flammable, non-corrosive, people and pet safe.  Our fragrances are made from high grade essential (natural) oils for the longest lasting effect.  The fiber bar we use is VOC Compliant (Volatile Organic Compound) and is also a recycled product. All of our Liquid products are water based with safe ingredients. 

Advanced Odor Solutions odor removal pro-fresh bar

How Our Products Work

Deodorant Bars Our odor removal deodorant bars are manufactured to work with air flow. The deodorant bar has tiny pockets that are filled with our high grade essential oils (fragrance) and true odor removing deodorants (that neutralize odors in the air) through the manufacturing process. As air flows over the bars, it opens the pockets up to allow the fragrance and deodorants to escape into the air. The fragrance will give you are very long lasting experience while the deodorants will attach themselves to an odor causing molecule wrapping itself around it completely encapsulating and neutralizing it through a negative, positive charge.



Advanced Odor Solutions odor removal truck-n-fresh spry


Ready-To-Use Odor removal Sprays Our ready to use odor removal sprays are very easy to use.  This product can be sprayed on any water safe surface to completely neutralize and remove any odor causing bacteria from a surface.  The product is a contact chemical that should be sprayed directly on the surface causing the odor. This product does not get sprayed in the air. If there is specific item causing the odor, remove it completely before spraying the area down. This product will completely stop odor at the source! Our proprietary deodorant formula will encapsulate and neutralize the odor on contact and eliminate the odor causing bacteria completely.




Advanced Odor Solutions odor removal Pro-Fresh gallon

Concentrated Deodorant Gallons – This Product is the “Duct Tape of Deodorant” due to it’s magnitude of uses. One gallon of Deodorant will make 16 quarts of spray mixed in a 1 to 4 ratio.  Great for maximum economy.  This product is a concentrated deodorant with a fresh clean smell, no specific fragrance is added. Depending on the job at hand depends on the mixture you make. A 50/50 mixture can be made for tougher odors. Still a water based proprietary mixture that is completely safe to use. If you are using are products often, weather it is just for freshening your home monthly or you have a fleet of 100 buses you are keeping Fresh and Odor Free this is the more economical way to go for big jobs.  This Product also comes in MEGA Concentrate. One gallon of Mega Concentrate makes 5 gallons of Concentrate! Even More Economical!



Advanced Odor Solutions odor removal system


AOS Deodorizing system – This easy to use battery operated compact unit is used with our deodorant bars to get the fragrance and deodorants out into the air at a faster rate for larger areas. This unit can be used in your, home, boat, RV, business, storage, restroom, warehouses etc.  Anywhere there is an odor present. Just place the deodorant bars in the unit, sit the unit where it is needed, or you can hang it on a wall. Hanging accessories are included, D battery is not included. This is a simple convenient product that can be used practically anywhere there is odor in the air. The unit has an on/off switch so you can control when it is running.




Our Guarantee

If our products do not perform to your satisfaction you can return them for full refund.
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