Home-Fresh™ Odor Removal Spray 32oz. Fragrance – Allfresh


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Home Fresh Interior odor removal Spray is a natural, ready to use formula offering commercial grade effectiveness. Not just a “cover up” this spray eliminates odors on contact. Home Fresh is water soluble, non-toxic, non-sensitizing, biodegradable and pet safe. Home Fresh is an excellent all-purpose deodorizer for your Home and can be used on any water safe surface. Always test a small area first for color fastness before using on fabric or carpet. Spray directly on carpet, sofas, Bedding, draperies, fabric and pet areas to completely remove any unpleasant odor and leave the area fresh and clean smelling. If using on Leather, spray lightly, wait a minute, and gently wipe off. Home Fresh will eliminate odors from cigarette smoke, pet odors, cooking, mustiness, mildew, garbage, food, sewage, drain odors and more. Use to clean and deodorize hard surfaces such as refrigerators, stoves, sinks, countertops, bathrooms, floors etc. Simply spray directly on a clean cloth or sponge and wipe down desired surface. Home Fresh completely eliminates odors in your home safely and economically. Also great for you Auto, RV and Boat or any other area odor is present.

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