Boat Fresh™ Ready-To-Use 32oz. Spray – Ocean Breeze


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Boat Fresh odor removal spray is a natural, ready to use formula
offering commercial grade effectiveness. “Not just a cover up”, this spray
completely eliminates odors on contact. Boat Fresh is water soluble, non-toxic, non-sensitizing, non-flammable, non-corrosive,biodegradable product that is safe for you, your family and your pets. Boat Fresh is an excellent all-purpose deodorizer for your entire Boat and can be used on any water safe surface. Keeping you boating “Fresh and Odor Free”.

Boat Fresh Eliminates Odors From:

  • All interior hard surfaces
  • kitchen surfaces
  • bathroom surfaces
  • fabrics/carpets
  • curtains/bedding/walls
  • drains
  • toilet/head
  • bilge area
  • boat decks
  • leather seats
  • pet areas
  • bait areas                                                                                   

Eliminate odors from:

  • cigarettes/cigars
  • pets
  • cooking
  • mustiness /mildew
  • garbage
  • fuel
  • septic/head
  • bilge
  • fishy odors
  • storage areas
  • and more…..


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