Boat Fresh™ Deodorant Bars




Boat Fresh Deodorant Bars are a wonderful way to keep the “air” in the living area of your boat “Fresh and Odor Free” No more “plug ins” or sprays that quickly dissipate and aggravate your senses due to their alcohol based fragrances and synthetic oils. A product that does not have true deodorants can not remove odors. Boat Fresh Deodorant bars are safe for your family and your pets and are made with true deodorants and high grade essential oils for the absolute best results to remove odors in the “air” and keep a  fresh clean aroma for up to 60 days or more.  You can place the bars in our Boat Fresh battery operated fan deodorizer for best results,  or place them in an area where odor and air flow is present. Do not place on wood or painted surfaces.  Boat fresh deodorant bars work with air flow. As the air passes over the bar it releases the deodorants and fragrance up into the air to capture and eliminate the bad odor molecules, while the long lasting fragrance will impart a fresh background aroma while you enjoy a fresh clean boating experience. We guarantee our products and have been removing odors in all industries for almost 25 years and our success comes from our excellent products and professional service. When it comes to eliminating odors, make Boat Fresh products “The Captain of your ship”.

Boat Fresh Deodorant Bars

  • Easy to use
  • Commercial grade
  • Long lasting ( up to 60 days plus)
  • Does not mask odors with just fragrance
  • Made of True Deodorants and essential oils
  • Use in Boat Fresh battery operated Dispenser
  • Non-Toxic, Non Sensitizing, Biodegradable
  • Pet and people safe
  • Keeps the “Air” on your Boat“Fresh and Odor Free”
  • The Happiest Boaters are the ones with NO Odors!


Eliminate Odors Completely From:

  • Cigarette/Cigar Smoke
    Musty Mildew Odors
    Pet Odors
  • Bilge
  • sewage/head odors
    fishy odors
    Body Odor
    and more…

Additional information

Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × .5 in

Allfresh, Citrus Cedar Wood, Coconut Mango, Exotic Vanilla, Fresh Cotton, Fresh Cut Orange, Honey suckle Sandalwood, Juicy Melon, Lemon Kissed Mint Leaf, Oranges & Cream, Summer Evening