Aut-O-Fresh™ Deodorant Bars




Aut-O-Fresh Deodorant Bars are a wonderful way to keep your automobile “Fresh and Odor Free”. These safe, non-toxic, non-sensitizing, biodegradable  deodorant bars are used to remove odors in the “air” and impart a fresh smelling aroma of your choice for up to 60 days.While most odor control products are made with alcohol based synthetic oils and no true deodorants, that simply mask odors and leave an “after taste for your nose”, Aut-O-Fresh Deodorant Bars are made of true deodorants and essential oils that eliminate unwanted odors in the air and give you a true long-lasting fragrance.
Finally a true odor removal product that works! We have been using our products in our service business for 25 years removing odors.

Aut-O-Fresh Deodorant Bars                               

  • Two Applications in One pack
  • Commercial grade
  • Long lasting ( up to 60 days plus)
  • Does not mask odors with just fragrance
  • Made of True Deodorants and essential oils
  • Place Deodorant Bar under Passenger Seat
  • Non-Toxic, Non Sensitizing, Biodegradable
  • Pet and People Safe
  • Keeps the Air in your vehicle “Fresh and Odor Free”


Eliminate Odors Completely From:

  • Cigarette/Cigar Smoke
    Musty /Mildew Odors
    Pet Odors
  • sewage
    Dead animal smells
    fishy odors
    Body Odor
    and more…

Additional information

Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × .5 in

Allfresh, Blue Ice, Citrus Cedar Wood, Coconut Mango, Crisp Apple, Exotic Vanilla, Fresh Cotton, Fresh Cut Orange, Fresh Mountain Air, Groovy Grape, Honey suckle Sandalwood, Juicy Melon, Lemon Kissed Mint Leaf, New Car, Oranges & Cream, Summer Evening, Very Cherry Berry