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Your home should always be the place you can go to relax, rest, rejuvenate, enjoy your family and pets, have fun and entertain your guests. A place that gives you comfort and makes you feel good when you come through the door at the end of the day. Most people spend a lot of time and money on their homes to make it more aesthetically pleasing not only for themselves but to show pride in what they own. When there is an issue with an odor problem in your home it can be very frustrating.

Pets, sports equipment, food, cigarette smoke, carpet and furniture odors, musty mildew smells … the fight against household odors can seem like a never-ending, no-win battle. Candles, air sprays, incense, scented plug-ins and ozone machines and sprays only mask the problem and can be dangerously irritating to sensitive people and pets.  Not being able to find a product in the normal consumer market that is not just a cover up can be very difficult and expensive.  Most household odor eliminator products that are available in the normal consumer market today simply do not remove odor, they are mostly masking products that cover up the odor with a fragrance or chemical smell.  A product with true odor removal properties is much more expensive to make than a quick fix product witch are made with synthetic indigence and alcohol based fragrance that dry out quickly. Therefore, the consumer has to continually purchase that product to keep covering it up. These products are made so the consumers must buy more, not made to work so you can buy less, make sense?  Being careful in choosing the right products is paramount to the safety of your home and the people living in it.

Household Odor Eliminator Products

Our Pro-Fresh™ Ready to use Formula is safe and completely eliminates odors on contact. Our product can be sprayed on any water safe surface to eliminate and neutralize all organic and inorganic odor molecules. Our home Dispensers and Deodorizing Bars are tough on lingering air odors and impart a light fresh clean aroma of your choice. Our Deodorant Bars are made with a proprietary blend of true deodorants and cosmetic grade essential oils, the longest lasting odor removal product on the market for removing odors in the air.  Pro-Fresh is completely non-toxic, non-sensitizing, biodegradable and safe for the environment to give you peace of mind while using our products in your home.

Gentle on people and pets, yet powerful against odors, you can safely spray Pro-Fresh on pet bedding, curtains, kitchen surfaces, walls, carpets, sports equipment, sneakers, and much more… Put Pro-Fresh in your mop water to deodorize floors or use it in the diaper pails, kids play areas, storage areas, and garbage cans to eliminate odor. You can use our products in your auto, RV, Boats and hunting cabins as well—there are endless ways to keep your home and surroundings fresh, clean and odor free.

Advanced Odor Solutions has been removing odors professionally for 25 years and our products are made with the highest grade ingredients and properties to completely remove tough odors in your home. We also make ourselves available to you for questions or information on how to treat each of your individual odor situations.  Our proprietary products are made and manufactured in the USA and are guaranteed, easy and safe to use for your toughest odor situations.