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If you are a real estate agent, rental property owner, vacation rental owner, time share owner or company, apartment complex owner or a property management company, you all have one thing in common, you want to get top dollar from every sale or rental and you want to keep your homes selling quickly and your rentals filled all year round. You invest time and money into cleaning and staging the home and keeping the landscape manicured. But no matter how good it looks, or how good the location, offensive odors will turn buyers or renters away on their heels.

People have more choices today than ever and can be much choosier than ever. Potential buyers/renters will question if an odor is the sign of bigger problems to come. Does that musty smell mean there is a water leak? Will I have to pay to fix the damages? Will smoke smell ever come out of the walls? How much will it cost to replace a carpet that smells like Fido still lives here and will you occur the cost of new carpet and fresh paint to make the odor go away before I move in? When people go to purchase or rent a home or apartment or a vacation home or time share, they want it to be fresh clean and odor free. People today expect more for their money and they will rarely tolerate an issue with the property if they are not going to feel comfortable or secure with the decision that they have made for themselves or their families.  So many People walk away from properties that have been smoked in or have had pet odors in or have just not been kept clean or are musty smelling. We live in a more cautious world today where people are concerned about their wellbeing in the places that they reside. From cleanliness to areas being disinfected and sanitized on a daily basis. People cannot afford to be sick or compromised from problems that can be easily taken care of by a professional.

Real Estate Odor Removal Products

We have the solution to help you eliminate odors and keep buyers and renters from second guessing your properties as their homes, rentals and vacation properties. Our Pro-Fresh™ products can safely remove odors—even smoke and pet odor!  Pro-Fresh™ products are completely noncorrosive, nonflammable, non-sensitizing and nontoxic with no overpowering scents to mask foul odors. Instead, our products eliminate odors on contact. Pro-Fresh™ can be used on any water safe surface from kitchen counters to floors, carpets, furniture and walls. Use on pet bedding and upholstery. We even have commercial grade products to keep the air in your home, rentals, apartments and vacation rentals continuously fresh and odor free.   We also offer Healthy living programs as a service to both commercial and residential homes for keeping your home and business sanitized and disinfected to help prevent illness from germs, bacteria, flu bugs and viral strains that can make you, your family and employees very sick. We use Hospital grade disinfectants that are safe on any surface and safe for your family and your employees. Please call us for any additional questions you may have that we have not covered. Advanced Odor Solutions is keeping your world fresh and odor free.

Try our real estate odor removal products for your open houses and showing your properties for a fresh clean smelling environment.