Mix of fresh citrus fruits on rustic wood

Citrus/Fruity Citrus

Fresh Cut Orange

Freshly picked oranges and tart lemons are supported by a sweet vanilla bean.

Top note: Fresh Orange
Middle note: Tart lemon
Base note: Sweet vanilla

Lemon Kissed Mint Leaf

Sweet lemongrass and fresh spearmint with a hint of eucalyptus fuse with a medley of spices, as well as anise, woody berry and soft musks.

Top notes: Sweet lemongrass and fresh spearmint with a touch of eucalyptus
Middle notes: Medley of spices with anise and warm berry
Base notes:  Soft musks

FruityAssortment of fresh fruits isolated on white background

Crisp Apple

Crisp, tart apple and intense greens fuse with juicy peach, subtle berry and soft musks.

Top notes: Crisp Apple with intense green
Middle notes: Sweet peach and subtle berry
Base notes: Soft musks

Very Cherry Berry

Sweet cherry dominates yet gives way to a juicy blend of fresh market fruits, coconut and sweet vanilla.

Top notes: Powerful cherry with intense pineapple, banana
Middle notes: Blend of strawberry, peach, raspberry, orange and coconut
Base notes: Sweet vanilla

Groovy Grape

Succulent juicy grapes are complemented with a hint of crisp citrus and blended into a sweet , sugary base

Top note: powerful, diffusive and fruity
Middle notes: citrusy, concord grapelike
Base notes: intensely sweet

Juicy Melon

Fresh melon and intense green amidst a blend of apple, banana and coconut are enveloped in sweet vanilla with a slight hint of musk.

Top notes: Fresh melon with intense green
Middle notes: Blend of apple, banana and coconut
Base notes: Sweet vanilla with a hint of musk

Oranges & Cream

Sweet Valencia oranges combined with banana, pineapple & berry are infused with a creamy vanilla.

Top notes: Sweet Valencia orange
Middle notes: Fruit medley of banana, pineapple & berry
Base notes: Sweet vanilla & musk

Two sprigs of honeysuckle with pink flowers and green leaves isolated on white background


Fresh Cotton

Intense outdoor ozonic presence highlights a blend of light florals, with a touch of cucumber, berry and spice. Earthy moss with yara yara and patchouli round it out nicely.

Top notes: Intense ozonic presence with blend of light florals
Middle notes: Light cucumber and berry with a touch of spice
Base notes: Earthy moss with Yara Yara and patchouli

Honeysuckle Sandalwood

Intense honeysuckle and garden green meet up with a floral blend of rose & lily, with just a suggestion of apple and spice. Cedar, sandalwood, patchouli and spruce lay out the foundation.

Top notes: Powerful honeysuckle with garden green
Middle notes: Floral blend of rose & lily, with a hint of apples & spice
Base notes: Warm blend of cedar, sandalwood, patchouli and spruce

Bunch of vanilla sticks and flower on old wood.


Exotic Vanilla

Warm butter kissed with pure maple combine with powerful vanilla bean & soft musks.

Top notes: Warm butter with a kiss of maple
Middle notes: Powerful vanilla bean
Base notes: Soft musks

Summer Evening

Fresh & cool notes open the way to a blend of neroli & spices. It’s rounded out by earthy moss, cedarleaf, rich labdanum and patchouli.

Top notes: Blend of Rosemary, mint and garden green
Middle notes: Rose, geranium with and pine
Base notes: Light musk and cedar leaf

Pinus sylvestris Scots pine Waldkiefer Sosna zwyczajna


Fresh Mountain Air

Fresh fir needles blend with rose & geranium with a whisper of berry and spice. Sweet balsam, cedar, amyris and soft musks bring it all together.

Top notes: Powerful fir needle with cooling camphor
Middle notes: Blend of rose and geranium with a touch of berry and spice
Base notes: Sweet balsam, cedar and amyris with soft musks

Citron Cedarwood

Fresh ozone with cooling camphor reveal a bold, crisp citrus with apple and berry. Fresh cedar, moss and soft musk blends accentuate it all.

Top notes: Fresh ozonic note with cooling camphor
Middle notes: Crisp citrus with apple and berry
Base notes: Fresh cedar, with moss and soft blend of musks

eucalyptus branch isolated on white background

Specific Fragrances

Blue Ice

Cooling camphor and eucalyptus announce strong citrus & florals with intense berry. Powerful amber resin and woody musks harmonize each note.

Top notes: Cooling camphor & eucalyptus with strong citrus
Middle notes: Blend of florals with intense berry
Base notes: Powerful amber with woody musks

All Fresh

Crisp notes of citrus fall into the ozonic layer, followed by beautiful floral blossoms and sweet, smooth musky nuances

Top note: fresh and ozonic, clean air
Middle notes: blend of tangerine and lime
Base notes: beautiful floral with musky undertones

Clean Shave

Powerful, fresh cedar wood & citrus blend with spices and tart berry, pulled in with sweet balsam, earthy moss, patchouli and warm musks.

Top notes: Strong cedar with citrus
Middle notes: Blend of spices with tart berry
Base notes: Sweet balsam, earthy moss with patchouli and warm musks

New Car / Truck

Fresh smell of new fabric and leather.