• Professional Offices
  • Schools Colleges and Daycares
  • Healthcare facilities and Nursing Homes
  • Prisons and Correctional Facilities
  • Fitness facilities Stadiums and Locker rooms
  • Veterinary Offices and Animal Shelters
  • Hotels Motels and Bed & Breakfasts
  • Porta Johns and Waste Management

What do the above businesses and Institutions have in common? Offensive odor problems! Whether it’s the medical exam room, dorm room, veterinary office, industrial kitchen, locker room, Porta John, hotel room, or cubical, fighting odors on a commercial level is a tough job. For strong commercial odors, you need a strong Commercial Odor Remover.

Commercial Odor Remover Products

Advanced Odor Solutions meets the challenge each and every time with our commercial odor remover. Even some of the harshest chemicals only mask odor problems. Our proprietary odor removal system and Pro-Fresh products get to the source of the odor and completely eliminate it safely and effectively on any surface. From desk chairs to concrete floors, the Pro-Fresh products are powerful enough to remove the most pervasive odors, yet are safe enough for use in businesses with customers, employees, students, patients and animals. We have been removing odors successfully for 25 years. Our products are all non-toxic, non-sensitizing, biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-flammable, People and pet safe. This should give you confidence when using our commercial grade odor removal products in your business. We completely get rid of offensive odors like smoke, musty mildew, animal odor, body odor, urine, blood and feces, sewage, garbage, uncleanliness smells, industrial garbage cans and rotting food, we have got you covered and smelling fresh and odor free.

A clean and odor free environment is extremely important in today’s businesses, because when it comes down to it, People are more reluctant to go somewhere else for their business if yours does not suit what they feel is important to them. With all of the social networks and reviews online you must always stay one step ahead of the game to continue to stay on top, and in this merciless word of business you cannot afford to risk a bad review due to uncleanliness and foul odors. Only one bad review could seriously jeopardize your reputation as a professional place of business. Advanced Odor Solutions wants to help you stay on top with our commercial grade professional products to keep you doing business, “fresh and odor free”.