Clever Uses

For your home

Deodorizing while you vacuum

For an extra deodorizing boost, use a half of a deodorant bar in your vacuum, the bars are already perforated so that they can be easily broken. Slip the half of bar into a clean vacuum cleaner bag and deodorize the room while you vacuum. The vacuum will put out a quality fragrance that will linger long after the the vacuuming is done. All you have to do is drop in a bar every time you replace the bag. No more messy powders or sprays.This is also a great way to get rid of the pet odor in your vacuum.

“For a little effort, this makes great scents.”

Use in your homes circulation system

There is no more efficient and economical way to deodorize the air in your home. We have designed our deodorant bars to work with your existing air handling units. This eliminates the need to install costly equipment in your home, business or large storage area. The deodorant and light background fragrance will flow through your existing air circulation system for continual deodorization. This method will make your indoor environment a much more pleasant place to be, odor free!


Place the deodorant bar next to the filter, propped against the filter. Air flow around and through the bar opens up the pores of the fibers and release deodorant. Replace the bars every 28-30 days. If you cannot gain access to the air condition/heating unit, you can place the bar inside a return air register. In hallways, simply place one of our deodorant bars inside each of the out flowing registers.

Flu, Cold and allergy Seasons are here, get some relief.

Place a jar of vapor rub in any of our deodorizing systems and as the fan circulates above and around the open jar the aroma of the vapor rub will fill the air and make it easier for you to breath.

On top of your litter box

Place a deodorant block on top of your litter box where the air escapes, or use a complete deodorizing system right above or around the area of the litter box. All of our products are completely pet safe and will remove those annoying pet odors.

Closets and Storage areas

Use deodorant blocks in closets, or storage areas. For closets take a hole punch and make holes in the foil packaging and one hole at the top of the package for hanging.

While you are trying to sell your home.

Use a Home Fresh system, with our Deodorant bars to keep the air in your home or rentals fresh and odor free. For your potential home buyers or renters, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Don’t  lose a sale or a renter due to treatable odors in the air. If your odor  is more complex, please call us for our expert advise in what product to choose.

For your car

Aut-O-fresh deodorant bar is a very unique deodorizing bar made from our high quality , cosmetic grade essential oils and true odor killing deodorants. This bar, can be placed under the front seat of your automobile to eliminate odors while imparting a light fragrance that is guaranteed to last for up to 60 days or more. The auto bar is already perforated so it can be easily broken in half if you prefer to use just a half of a bar. Place the remaining half in foil and a ziploc bag to prevent it from drying out.

For travel

Traveling is an excellent time to use the Pro-fresh deodorant bars.

Somewhere along the line you may have experienced a hotel room that you were given that was smoked in or had an unpleasant smell to it. Here is a simple solution that will remove the odor and have the room smelling awesome in just a few minutes. Simply place one of the small deodorant bars into the rooms air conditioning / heating unit by removing the front grill and placing the bar right at the filter right behind the grill. As the air passes around the bar, the unique deodorants will impart a light pleasant fragrance and eliminate any unpleasant odors in the air.