About Us

DSC_0217Advanced Odor Solutions™ was established in 1993.  Our business ideals of hard work, determination, innovation and ethical business practices have proven to be the biggest bricks in the foundation of our success. We take great pride in our profession and the fact that over the past two decades, we have become the clear leader in professional odor removal products and services in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

We are now  positioning ourselves to be the global leader in providing effective odor removal products and services by providing an excellent Small Service business opportunity in odor removal, and retail product sales for your convenience.

Advanced Odor Solution’s™ products are uniquely formulated to eliminate virtually any unwanted odor such as cigarette smoke, musty/mildew, pet odors, garbage, fish, cooking, sewage, body odors and more. Our customers peace of mind knowing that not only are Advanced Odor Solutions™ products people safe, but they are also pet safe, nontoxic, non-sensitizing, biodegradable, non-flammable and non-corrosive for your safest choice in odor removal.

Our Commitment to you


At Advanced Odor Solutions™ our number one goal is to provide exceptional services and the best odor solutions & products to our customers. As continue our pathway of growth, we are committed to practicing the two principles that have made us successful: producing innovative products and services, and maintaining outstanding relationships with customers.